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CO2 Expert App

Luis Aleixo requested to merge feature/CO2_expert into master

Developed the CO2 Expert App to dynamically calculate the CO2 concentration profile given a set of values defined in the user interface with Voila. The logic is similar to the traditional web app, but with the relatable needed inputs.

The needed code for the Docker image generation and OKD deployment is included in this MR.

The ipywidgets version was pinned to be less than 8.0 due to Voila rendering problems in the browser.

The residual 0.25ACH for every ventilation was replaced by 1e-6ACH, a value close to the desired value of 0ACH. Due to some ventilation errors and time constraints, we found this quick solution of setting a value closer to 0ACH - this problem is addressed in this issue.

The Duplicate Scenario and Delete Scenario buttons are now working as expected, and the ventilation start time was adjusted (windows start closed in the beginning of the simulation time).

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