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Draft: Fixed schema custom distributions

Luis Aleixo requested to merge feature/schema_custom_dist into master

Using QA instance (Data Service)

  • Fixed refs on virus distributions.
  • Added a restriction for the conditional plot generation (only available if covid_overal_vl_data is selected) - TODO for other distributions.
  • Fixed minor display error when probability of infection is higher than 99.9% (before it was displaying 100% while it should be >99.9%).
  • Removed Linear Space option from available options on distributions dropdown.
  • Added Constant as an option for the options on distributions dropdown (which is not anymore only distributions). Schema in QA is updated.

Next step is to update the schema to allow single float values for viral_load_in_sputum, as well as to work on it to allow other distributions (question with LogCustom and LogCustomKernel distributions).

Edited by Luis Aleixo

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