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Data registry update (schema v2.1.1)

Luis Aleixo requested to merge changes/schema_update into master

Data Service instance: QA v2.0.0

  • Fixed refs on virus distributions.
  • Added a restriction for the conditional plot generation (only available if covid_overal_vl_data is selected).
  • Removed Linear Space option from available options on distributions dropdown.
  • Added Constant as an option for the options on distributions dropdown (which is not anymore only distributions).
  • Added breathing cycle for dilution factor parameters.

Data Service instance: QA v2.0.1

Data Service instance: QA v2.1.1

  • Fixed values for custom viral load distributions.
  • Removed viable_to_RNA_ratio_distribution and infectious_dose_distribution from data registry and adapted code.

Next step is to update the model to deal other distributions (question with LogCustom and LogCustomKernel distributions).

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