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Update formula when modifying workspace

Yizhou Cai requested to merge caiyi/quickstats:master into master

If in workspace there is an object defined as RooFormulaVar::SigXsecOverSM_ggZHbb_kappa[ actualVars=(kappaL,kappa2V,kappat,den_mu) formula="(1.+(x[0]-1.0)*0.0)/x[3]" ] = 0.999862 (bbtautau kappa_lambda workspace for example), we are not able to simply rename variables used in these formula: if we rename 'kappaL' to 'klambda', the name of variables in formula won't change, so we will get error saying that

RooFormula 'SigXsecOverSM_ggZHbb_kappa' did not compile or is invalid.
Passed over to TFormula:

This is something similar as mentioned here, however, since whether to specify the variables in RooFormulaVar or not is just a choice, I don't think the requirement on inputs make a lot of sense, instead, we should be able to update RooFormulaVar on the fly.

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