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Draft: Add 2poi option

Iza Veliscek requested to merge add-2poi-option into master

Option to have 2 poi fit(2D scan) added to likelihood_scan.

  • Options added: --do_2Dscan, --additional_poi_min, --additional_poi_max, --additional_poi_step [need to specify all 4 if you want to run 2d scan] Names are temporary, will come up with something shorter. --poi "poi_one,poi_two"

To do:

  • could maybe be simplified how the points to scan are passed
  • Could generalise to 3D or any number of POI, the limitation now is just defining the points of the additional poi to scan. Could be solved by --min/--max/--step getting a list of values similar as --poi.
  • Run more tests (Already did some simple test for the 2D and 1D case and the results seem reasonable to first order.)
  • poi has been changed to list now, need to updated in all relevant places!
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