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Add new class MUX64 and include config for RBv3

Celia Fernandez Madrazo requested to merge rb3-mux64 into master

This PR adds a new class to account for the MUX64 chit included in RBv3, interfaced with the lpGBT:

  • A new registry is added with the RBv3 configuration: rb_default_v3.yaml
  • The new class MUX64 is interfaced with the lpGBT class, will be initialized if a version > 2 for the RB is indicated
  • Existing test_tamalero, ReadoutBoard and LPGBT classes are modified to accout for the new MUX64

Testing commands:

ipython3 -i -- --kcu --verbose --power_up --adcs



Edited by Daniel Spitzbart

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