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Multi-threading locks and monitoring threads

Diego Fabrizio Lopez Gutierrez requested to merge monitoring into master

Implemented high- and low-level locks in LPGBT and SCA classes, as well as a temperature monitoring thread that outputs RB temperatures every 10 seconds and saves them to text files. (See #52 and #53)

Currently, make_test job fails but it seems to be related to KCU, and not to the code itself. I have tried with and it runs fine, but I am also encountering issues with even when running within the master branch.

A feature still to be implemented is the proper stopping of the threads. When passing --monitoring to, the threads are started and, in interactive mode, you can stop them by calling the terminate() method of the Monitoring instance, or by exiting the session. In either case, even though the Threads are killed, the session fails to properly exit unless forced by Ctrl+C. The issue seems to be related to locks acquired and released within the Thread object themselves.

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