Monitoring + IT periodic merge

Fabio Ravera requested to merge fravera/Ph2_ACF:chipContainer into Dev

Added monitoring plus IT modifications:

  • fixed bug in event decoder: bx_counter, which takes 32 bits, when was reaching high numbers, 0xFFFFXXXX was mimicking the HEADER of the event (0xFFFF). Now we have a more robust HEADER decoder
  • fixed bug in filling event container: the program was crashing if row or col outside pixel matrix (it did’t show up until now, with the use of chip modules
  • scurve bias in threshold distribution removed
  • SW now working with 640 MBit/s and 1.28 Gbit/s FW transparently from the user point of view
  • implemented unstuck pixels in PixelAlive
  • new options in cfg file: resetTDAC and resetMask

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