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Common mode update

Martin Delcourt requested to merge delcourt/Ph2_ACF:CommonMode_Dev into Dev

Update of the common-mode measurement.

To run, use one of the following:

ot_module_test -f settings/my_settings.xml --cmNoise -b
runCalibration -f settings/my_settings.xml -c cmNoise -b
supervisor -f settings/my_settings.xml -c cmNoise

Options in the configuration file:

    <Setting name="CMNoise_Nevents">10000</Setting>  <!-- Way more than the default 1k events required for a CM measurement -->
    <Setting name="CMNoise_manualVcth">595</Setting> <!-- Manual setting of the VCTH -->
    <Setting name="CMNoise_2DHistograms">0</Setting> <!-- Create additional Correlation plots. CPU & RAM intensive -->

The results of the fit (and values) can't be trusted since the CM seems to be behaving in a non-gaussian way.

More information on the measurement in the following presentation

As mentioned on mattermost, I initially ran formatAll, but given the huge amount of modifications unrelated to this PR, I reverted any changes on files untouched.

Cheers, Martin

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