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Periodic merge with OT

Mauro Dinardo requested to merge cmsinnertracker/Ph2_ACF:myDev into Dev
  • Fixed bug in thradj in particular in the optimization of LDAC_LIN: it was crashing
  • Fixed bug in datarbopt: once TAP0 was optimized, let's say to 10, before moving to TAP1, TAP0 was set back to zero
  • Added possibility to split ROOT file by Hybrid --> useful later on for Module Grading
  • Fixed bug in RD53 Monitoring voltage/currents/temperatures --> now more robust and reliable thanks to Fabio Luongo from U. of Torino
  • Added possibility to monitor LpGBT ADC observables thanks to Lorenzo Damenti and Rudy Ceccarelli U. and INFN Firenze

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