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[hotfix] no tag failure

Laurent Petre requested to merge hotfix/no-tag-failure into feature/common-ci

Created by: jsturdy

As reported in cms-gem-daq-project/reedmuller-c#3, the script was failing to correctly parse the git info if a tag was not present, when using an older version of git This was due to the fact that the shebang was set to fail on error, although the underlying issue had been fixed in the past. This PR changes the shebang to remove the fail on error such that if no tag is present, a version of 0.0.0 is assumed, and a release of 0.0.X, where X is the number of commits since the initial commit, is made.

Additionally, updates to the README have been made to better describe some of the scripts and variables, as well as adding an example section for the local installation use case.

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