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Update the VFAT DB query to support the Phase-II schema

Laurent Petre requested to merge feature/phase-2-vfat-db into main


The title says it all. More details can be found in the commit message:

In order to include the new Phase-II VFAT3 plugin cards in the CMS DB a
new schema has been implemented in the CMS_GEM_MUON_VIEW.GEM_VFAT3_PROD_SUMMARY_V_RH
view. While it has the advantage of not modifying existing GE1/1 VFAT3
hybrids data, this change  creates additional complications in an
already messy database view.

This commit overhauls the VFAT DB query and sanitation function in order
to deal with the added complexity in the application logic code rather
than in the Oracle SQL query.

The GE1/1 entries are identical before and after this commit, modulo the
additional columns. The Phase-II entries match the expectations, based
on raw QC results files.

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How Has This Been Tested?

Data can be fetched from the online DB and contains the correct information.

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