Update the cluster mask algorithm for correctness

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From the commit message:

After much investigation and a thorough look at real data from the GE1/1
detector installed at P5, it was noticed that the cluster mask scan
analysis algorithm was flawed and non-functional.

Finding the best delay mask based on statistical properties is between
hard and unrealistic. Either the quantities are not available or the
final criteria are so strong that almost all delays end up masked.

Instead, this commit implements a more realistic approach based on an
arbitrary cut. That is the amount of high-mutiplicity events accepted.
The current default value corresponds to a maximum of 5%.

Additionally, the plotting routine and output are enhanced in order to
improve the visualization, in particular, of the delays that will end up
being masked online.

The algorithm itself is described in detail in the source code.

Related Issue

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How Has This Been Tested?

A reasonable list of delays to be masked is produced as well as the associated plots. Ran on data from local run 2.8349.05103L.


Typical example: fed1467-slot1-oh0

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