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Feature/contributing guide

Mykhailo Dalchenko requested to merge feature/contributing-guide into develop

Provides the contributing guide for the project.


Implement first revision of

Related Issue

#5 (closed)

Motivation and Context

The project requires the contributing guide to provide developers with the reference how the development flow should go and which code standards are followed in the project. Having this simplifies the management of the codebase, code reviews, increases the code quality and clarity.

How Has This Been Tested?

Tested as rendered on GitLab project page. Navigation works, links displayed correctly. However another pair of eyes would be great :) If you have any questions or suggestions, please provide them below.

Screenshots (if appropriate):

Types of changes

  • Bug fix (non-breaking change which fixes an issue)
  • New feature (non-breaking change which adds functionality)
  • Breaking change (fix or feature that would cause existing functionality to change)


  • My code follows the code style of this project.
  • My change requires a change to the documentation.
  • I have updated the documentation accordingly.
  • I have read the CONTRIBUTING document.
  • I have added tests to cover my changes.
  • All new and existing tests passed.
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