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Generic FSM objects

Dylan Oliver Teague requested to merge feature/generic-fsm into develop


This MR creates a basic FSM framework that is more generic and thus can be used by an XDAQ application to create a unique FSM structure. This MR is mainly taking the existing FSM classes, namely GEMFSM and GEMFSMApplication and gutting them of references to specific states and combining them. Several helper functions are also added for permission reasons as well as to further genericize the code base. For future MRs, the goal would be to switch to this framework in conjunction with making proper FSM diagrams to show the states and transitions for all FSM applications.

The naming convention for this MR is very uninspired (GEMGenericFSMApp) and better names would be appreciated!

In part of the simplification, the soap commands were removed (no more talking between the FSM classes, there is only one) and combining functions that were separate before. A big example of this is xgiChangeState. In the old code, an xgi function had to be made for every transition command in the FSM which did roughly the same except forward to the FSM a different name for a command. Now, xgiChangeState takes the command needed from the webpage and starts the transitionDriver with that command found.

This leads to a possible issue. In simplifying the code, many exceptions aren't needed (e.g. no more soap, so that can be removed), but new error handling should probably be added for safety. This can be handled in this MR or possible another future MR.

Related Issue

Closes #158 (closed) Closes #49 (closed)

How Has This Been Tested?

This MR was made in conjunction to MR !89 (merged) so the testing was done on the monitor suite.

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  • All new and existing tests passed.
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