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Allow seamless data taking

Laurent Petre requested to merge bugfix/allow-data-taking into develop


This MR fixes all the issues described in #31 (closed) in order to allow for a seamless data taking.

Related Issue

Fixes all the aspects of #31 (closed):

  • VFAT are not configured correctly

    HwOptoHybrid::getConnectedVFATMask function is now called during the configure transition. The information should probably better come from the DB, but in the meantime this is the best place to perform automatic mask determination since it is front-end hardware access is forbidden at the initialization stage.

  • None of the VFAT are set into run mode in "Running"

    Add the broadcast write to the CFG_RUN registers during the start transition.

  • The event builder input mask is reset to 0 during the "Start" action even if set manually after configuration

    The INPUT_ENABLE_MASK will not be touched in any transition while waiting for a more definitive solution (e.g. the DB, or generation from the xDAQ XML configuration file?).

  • The AMC13 is stuck in BSY

    The AMC event builder was wrongly disabled in the amc::daq::resetDAQLink RPC method and not re-enabled afterwards.

More details are available in the commit messages and as comments in the source code.

Closes #31 (closed)

How Has This Been Tested?

Data taking runs can now be taken following the standard transitions: Initialize -> Configure -> Start The output file is written to "disk".

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