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Allow to ignore SCA transaction errors

Laurent Petre requested to merge bugfix/sca-temperature-monitoring into develop


More details in the commit message:

This development was first started in order to allow the SCA ADC
conversion to timeout and ignore the resulting error. Indeed the
ADC value is properly stored in the reply register.

This opens the door to hard to debug issues. However, there is no known
way at the moment to understand whether the SCA transaction failed or

Major cleanup of the SCA functions had to be carried on to implement the
feature as cleanly as possible.

The following SCA ADC-related features are now fully working:

* The temperature monitoring through the SCA is still functional
* The conversion factor for the low-voltage monitoring through the SCA
  have been fixed
* The VTRx RSSI values can be read through the SCA (on OH for which the
  hardware allows for it)

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How Has This Been Tested?

Starting a run is still possible. All monitoring variables are retrieved and displayed in the web interface (OH2 doesn't have the correct RSSI circuit).


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