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Load hw layout tree for checking the production components

Camilla Galloni requested to merge feature/retrieve-hardware into develop


This MR introduces a small C++ script to check that the hardware layout tree component description provieded by the production group matches the unique identifiers retrieved from the hardware. Checks are implemented for the amc, oh fpga dna and vfat chip ids.

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How Has This Been Tested?

On the coffin setup.

If some pieces of hardware are not reachable or don't match the description of the hardware layout tree and error message is printed out. As example:

INFO - Connected to amc-e1a16-13-02.utca
IMPOSSIBLE to check fpga DNA for GE11 Coffin Ly1 - uid  GE1/1-X-S-PAK-0003
IMPOSSIBLE to check vfatIDs for GE11 Coffin Ly1 - uid  GE1/1-X-S-PAK-0003
ERROR: for GE11 Coffin Ly2 - uid  GE1/1-X-S-FIT-0002 : mistmatched vfat_uid - vfat_uid_rpc :106 - 10629 for vfat number 2
INFO - Disconnected from amc-e1a16-13-02.utca

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