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Miscellaneous CRUZET fixes

Laurent Petre requested to merge bugfix/cruzet-misc into develop


This MR implements various fixes of issues discovered during the CRUZET runs:

  • Stop at the first failed transaction dring the GBT phase scan
    • Speeds up significantly the scan without impacting its robustness: a bad phase is still bad and as many transactions as before are performed on a good phase
    • Prevents the RPC call to timeout when GBT are unstable/not locking
  • Hardware layout tree
    • Ignore hidden files and directories
    • Use only files ending with .yml or .yaml
  • Update the software mask after masking unstable VFAT
  • Small improvements in the backend board logging

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How Has This Been Tested?

The GBT phase scan is successful (and much faster) on the GE1/1 integration setup.

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