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This merge request will add the scripts for sbit mapping test. There are 2 scripts. And following lines for description for each script.

The cluster_scan.py is the script that should be running inside of CTP7.

python cluster_scan.py --nOH NUMBER_OF_OH_TO_SCAN \ 
                       --nEvent NUMBER_OF_EVENT_FOR_DATA_TAKING \
                       --threshold THRESHOLD_VALUE_TO_USE_DURING_DATA_TAKING

The run_cluster_scan.py is the wrapper for the previous script.

python run_cluster_scan.py --nOH NUMBER_OF_OH_TO_SCAN \ 
                           --nEvent NUMBER_OF_EVENT_FOR_DATA_TAKING \
                           --threshold THRESHOLD_VALUE_TO_USE_DURING_DATA_TAKING \
                           --CTP7 CTP7_HOST_NAME \
                           --data_path OUTPUT_FILE_DIRECTORY \

The default CTP7_HOST_NAME is gempro@gem-shelf01-amc02.

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