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Basic configuration database support in C++

Louis Moureaux requested to merge feature/configuration-cpp into main


This is the C++ side of !223 (merged), !224 (merged), and !225 (merged). I'm planning to keep all management logic in Python, with C++ doing simple queries.

In addition to the database, the configuration can be constructed from a layout tree and configuration files. The naming convention looks like fed-1468/backend_board-7/link-5/vfat-13.cfg; missing files are simply ignored and the configuration will contain no data for the corresponding components.

Related Issue

I see #121 is still open, let's use it for everything.

How Has This Been Tested?

So far:

auto conn = pqxx::connection("dbname=lmoureau user=*** password=***");
auto tx = pqxx::work(conn);
auto c = configuration(tx, 95);
std::cout << c.display_name() << std::endl;

c = configuration(tx, "cool");
std::cout << c.display_name() << std::endl;

c = configuration(tx, "cool", 3);
std::cout << c.display_name() << std::endl;

I also checked that the amount of data fetched from the database makes sense.

For the file-based constructor I checked the file names but didn't try to load any data.

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