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Automatically mask OptoHybrids without any enabled VFATs

Laurent Petre requested to merge bugfix/automatic-oh-masking into main


Title says it all, more details in the commit message.

It could happen that the automatic VFAT masking was disabling all VFATs of a given OptoHybrid. The OptoHybrid itself was never removed from the input enable mask.

As a consequence, the per-chamber event builder was never producing any event (since no VFAT data was opening the event) and the per-AMC event builder was timing out on the given chamber.

When the L1A rate is high enough, this directly converts into deadtime.

The temporary solution, while waiting for a firmware fix, is to mask any Optohybrid in the input enable mask for which all VFATs are disabled.

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How Has This Been Tested?

OptoHybrids successfully removed from the input enable mask on the GE1/1 integration setup.

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