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Convert Monitor tables into Vue.js Components

Dylan Oliver Teague requested to merge feature/vue-js into main


As has been discussed in previous Issues and MRs, a more robust and modern web framework could help in code development and maintainability. This MR implements VueJS in the monitoring suite.

VueJS, along with components, allows for more automated html to be produced in self contained code snippets (with the .vue tag). These are notable for allowing individual styling and reuseability across the code base. As a proof of concept, the main monitoring tables in the monitoring suite have been split into 2 Vue objects defined in oh-table.vue and main-table.vue.

Currently the includes for the vue and vue component javascript are only the gemmonitor area, we may want to put these in the gemutils webDefault function so the api is visible to all projects

Also, because of the mixed javascript/html format of the vue files, if a linter is wanted, something more sophisticated might be needed.

Related Issue

Closes #128

This also is a new MR for !131 (closed). Because of the name change of DAQ -> FED as well as different framework (vue components) a new MR was thought to be prudent.

How Has This Been Tested?

The code has been run with the 904 setup and it reproduces the old table's results

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