Misc local readout application updates

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This MR brings many improvements related to the local readout.

The local readout application code has been cleaned up, supports one destination address per queue, sends the queue MAC addresses to update the switch FIB, and supports the unsplit events in the v302a local DAQ format.

Except for the local readout improvements themselves, work has been carried out in order to be able to configure the TTC mode and readout mode dynamically. This is a requirement to implement tracking data scans.

Additionally, the dpdk RPMs have been slightly modified in order to cope with the constraints from the deployment at p5.

Related Issue

Closes #204 (closed) and #205 (closed). First work on #208 to support the unsplit events.

How Has This Been Tested?

Taking a run is seamless on the GE1/1 integration setup. The data can be readout through both the AMC13 and the local readout paths.

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