WIP:Feature/monitor reading json

Adding anonymous reading of daqmonitoring variables as well as more flexible documentation production of these monitorables


First a json file was created with all of the information pertinent to this issue and the daqmonitoring code is changed to read in this json file for reading daqmonitorables. Further, a python file is created to assist in turning this json file into Markdown for documentation purposes as well as (future task) adding the ability to update json/markdown documentation with current setup of the RPCs.

Most of this is inspired by @lpetre's idea from said issue. This seems sensible and can reduce code duplication as well as making it a way to generate documentation

How Has This Been Tested?

This is still a work in progress.

The Daqmonitoring code has been tested by simply running the xdaq on the compiled code (only reading the variables, updating will be fixed after a PR with the templated daqmonitoring code). The Monitor is able to read in all of the monitorables (not check again RPC though), though there are errors of duplication of InfoSpace that need to be investigated. This is simply a jumping off point

Screenshots (if appropriate):

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