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Use a lock-less and read-only LMDB address table

Laurent Petre requested to merge feature/ro-filsystem into main


This MR proposes to access the LMDB address table for lookups in a lock-less and read-only fashion. The idea stems from cmsgemonline/gem-ops/gem-daq-doc#2 which requires mounting the /mnt/persistent CTP7 partition in read-only mode for safe operations. Even with the absence of a lock, the read-only nature of the LMDB lookups allows for concurrent safe accesses. Care has been taken to also ensure safe address table updates.

Related Issue

Required to implement cmsgemonline/gem-ops/gem-daq-doc#2

How Has This Been Tested?

The address table can be created and used seamlessly in the CVP13 build. Pending tests in production on the CTP7.

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