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Ensure S-bit rate scan and DAC scan completeness and reliability

Laurent Petre requested to merge bugfix/scans-completeness into main


The title says it all... The second commit message is quite explicit on the MR goal:

Originally, the S-bit rate vs THR_ARM_DAC scan and DAC scan were made robust against communication instabilities by trying to extract as much reliable data as possible. Partial scans would occur, either by skipping some points or by stopping the scan partway. Experienced proved that such scans are difficult - and useless - to analyze.

This commit instead ensures that only complete scans are returned to the user and thus saved. Partial scans are simply considered failed, similar to what is implemented for the calibration pulse scan. The scans should be faster in the presence of communication instabilities and easier to analyze.

The first commit is a technical change to ensure compatibility with the new firmware behavior regarding the cached VFAT ADC reads. See emu/0xbefe!157 (merged) for more details.

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How Has This Been Tested?

No setup is currently available. Our test bed will be the production system at P5. 😕

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