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Add compatibility with the X2O (UltraScale+ based) backend board

Laurent Petre requested to merge feature/x2o into main


This is a follow-up on !291 (merged) which implemented basic compatibility with what was once known as X2O.

This MR first renames the "old" X2O into APEX - meant to cover all Zynq-7000 flavors - and introduces the real/new X2O - meant to cover all Zynq UltraScale+ flavors, in particular the v3/v4 production boards.

Subsequently, it compiles gemhardware for the newly defined X2O. Since !291 (merged), this is enough to provide basic support of the 0xBEFE-based boards.

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How Has This Been Tested?

Fully tested on both GE1/1, GE2/1, and ME0 during the preparation of the X2O PRR.

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