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Drop the SCA "was not ready" check

Laurent Petre requested to merge feature/simplify-sca-error-conditions into main


From the commit message:

The new firmware builds ensure that the SCA NOT_READY_CNT is always zero after a reset.

Instead of adjusting the expected value (i.e. set to 2 since immemorial times) during the SCA readiness check, this commit considers the register only as a warning regarding the link stability (similar to the VFAT SYNC_ERR_CNT one). An SCA is considered not ready only if flagged as such or after a critical error. Coincidentally, the SCA transactions are reported as failed under the same conditions.

Note how the recommended backend firmware release is bumped. While this software change maintains backward compatibility, the monitoring is fully meaningful only with recent releases. Additionally, many bug fixes and enhancements have recently been introduced.

This change is required to support the newest firmware builds, which include necessary fixes for data-taking with GE2/1 at P5.

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How Has This Been Tested?

Already tested on the GE2/1 station at P5 as well as on the ME0 stack setup.

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