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Add default GBTx RX phases for all GE2/1 module types

Laurent Petre requested to merge feature/ge21-default-phases into main


The title should speak for itself.

More than once, we got tricked because of a poor choice of default GBTx RX phase on GE2/1 when all phases were reported as good by the GBTx RX phase scan. This MR aims at fixing this issue once and for all.

The choice of those default phases is based on the aggregation of GE2/1 QC7 results with at least 5 modules per module type. The actual selection was made following the standard phase selection algorithm. In case of ambiguity in the selection of the best phase, the phase closest to the highest number was chosen (ideally, the phase most frequently good should be chosen, but it isn't immediately available). Also, note how some VFAT are always reported as bad on the M7 module type -- this is likely coming from a failed scan/module.

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How Has This Been Tested?

Not strictly required as long as the code compiles... Time will tell if those phases were the best ones.

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