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Enhance the environmental metrics export to the DCS

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This MR is a follow-up on issues recently discovered in the DCS due to the publication of NaN values in the (DAQ) DIM services. Since the very first implementation, the DCS always had issues dealing with the large amounts of data produced by the DAQ. This MR takes a different approach consisting in the large overhaul of the DIM publication in order to provide pre-processed data.

The main change consits in the following: For each one of the metrics to be exported, up to N samples are recorded (by default 20 samples taken ~1s apart). The DIM publications are updated at regular intervals (by default every ~15s) taking the average of the recorded history, ignoring invalid values (i.e. NaN or no readout). Additionally, a dead band w.r.t. the currently published is applied in order to smooth out small variations (default to 0.5° for the temperatures and 0.05V for the voltages).

Other changes are technicalities to reach the end results. Also note the improvement on the GE1/1 temperature readings thanks to the better usage of the precision resistor.

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How Has This Been Tested?

The initial version has been deployed in production at P5 for ~1 week. The latest version has been carefully tested on the GE1/1 setup in the 904 integration area.

Types of changes

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