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Fix Error in nested xdaq-tabs

Dylan Oliver Teague requested to merge bugfix/nested_tabs into develop


Switching between tabs sometimes doesn't work. In particular, if one is on a page with nested xdaq-tabs, switch between root tabs doesn't work unless you click on the root tab you're already in. In essence, the html can't tell that you are in a subtab, so the root tabs stop working.

Related Issue

This is coming from issue #95 (closed). Giving the root and sub tabs names in the html fixes this. Giving names to the different objects in the html tags is probably good practice to do this anyway (though I know very little about webdevelopment, so take with a grain of salt!)

How Has This Been Tested?

Turn on xdaq and go to the gemmonitoring shelf widget. After the change, one can switch between all the tabs without a problem. This might need to be

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