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Adding GBT (and VFAT soon) functionality to the monitoring suite. Note: this MR is work in progress and based on !5 (closed). When that is merged, this will be changed to merge into the develop branch

Related Issue

This issue has been reference in #37 (closed) but with the testing ongoing at P5, this, plus more functionality is needed

How Has This Been Tested?

Still in testing stages of code. A limitation right now is certain monitorable blocks don't work. This is an observed problem with error handling with RPC requests: if one of the requests in the block fails, the whole block fails and this is done quietly, so it is hard to tell which request caused the problem. Currently, the blocks listed are not implemented:

  • "OH_MAIN"

The hope with this MR is to resolve these outstanding errors in these blocks so all of them work. As they are fixed, I will be ticking the boxes above to show they have been fixed

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