Bug fix at initliazation and configuration states for AMC and OH

Merged Camilla Galloni requested to merge bugfix/initialization-amc-oh into develop

This merge request aims at fixing a couple of issues found at the initialization and configuration steps:

    1. The AMC should be recover befor attempting reading any registers , especially now that the olda manual procedure for the recovery has been integrated int he software. The recovery is done at the configuration state, where the firmware of the AMC and the OH are loaded
  • 2)The OH registers should not checked at the initialization stage, but just at configuraiton, after the firmware is loaded.


    1. makes the configuration fails, because the registers are tried to be read before they firmaware is loaded
    1. creates annoying errors in the log ( not crashing the run )

Basically the accesses to the back -nd and the front-end are moved to the configuration step.

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