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Draft: Store VFAT configuration in database

Avijit Chakraborty requested to merge feature/configuration-database into main

Configuration Database

The Configuration Database is used to store settings/configuration of a particular component (e.g. VFAT). Currently, the database is able to accept VFAT Data in JSON format and insert them into tables in the database.

Component Name: VFAT

No. of fields: 47 + 1

Input File Format: JSON

Tables & Schema:

The Data is stored in a three table format. The tables are:

  1. VFAT_Data_Table(id , vfat_id , ........ < all 48 VFAT FIELDS > ) //stores the vfat settings
  2. VFAT_Config_Table(config_id) //stores the configuration IDs
  3. VFAT_Index_Table(config_id , id ) // config_id value from Table 2 , id from Table 1 //Maps and links Table 1 and 2
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