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Add FSM features to AMCMonitor

Dylan Oliver Teague requested to merge bugfix/amc-initializaiton into develop


This implements the FSM structure detailed in !100 (closed). This requires moving existing setting up the monitoring connection to the rpc and timer in individual xgi functions, setting up the FSM structure, and creating a javascript file for displaying the buttons to change the states.

There is a lot of boilerplate code that exists in setting up the FSM (the xgiXXX functions used to send the soap commands are very redundant and hopefully could be turned into some template/macro or bypassed) as well as minimizing the amount of code for setting up by having the GEMGenericFSMApp do more of the in the background with helper functions.

This MR also acts as a proof of concept for MR !100 (closed). This could be expanded to add fail transitions (ie failed -> Initial)

Related Issue

Closes #141 (closed) and closes #38 (closed) (FSM states include a stopped and running state)

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