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Templatize RPC calls in gemdaqmonitor

Dylan Oliver Teague requested to merge feature/daqmon-template-rpc into develop

To match current code base of using templated RPC calls, gemdaqmonitor is being updated to follow that same convention

Related Issue

Issue referred to here #13 (closed)

How Has This Been Tested?

The code has not been extensively tested. So far, the code has been run in the context of the XDAQ code for the gemsupervisor on the coffin setup. Doing a limited run, the code does not show any apparently fatal errors, but variables are not updated correctly, so this still needs to be investigated. Likely the issue is less with the RPC calls themselves (the change is fairly minor) and more the setup itself. But this is still to be figured out.

Below is a screenshot of the current output of the Daqmonitoring code

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