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WIP: Calibration flo

Florian Michael Pitters requested to merge Calibration_Flo into master


  • New format for calibration files [col | row | val1 | val2 | etc.] to avoid confusion and possible errors. New calibration files for all devices will follow with merge.
  • Added 4th parameter to the timewalk correction.

To Do:

  • Check if 4th parameter actually makes sense. It improves the Chi2 of the fits but if it doesn't improve the actual time residuals, there is little gain and it probably should be discarded. For that I need a good reference timestamp (improve track timestamp or add trigger timestamp).
  • Check if fitting directly timewalk(tot) works better than timewalk(volts).
  • If no improvement can be seen in either, reverse change.

This fixes #12 (closed)

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