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DUT association based on proximity of clusters to track

Problem: Currently, the DUTAssociation module allows the association of several clusters to one track. This turns out to be an issue especially if the DUT is noisy (see also Issue tracker).

Suggestion: Only allow one associated cluster per track. The choice of the cluster can be based on spatial/temporal proximity or alternatively on ToT (but to be discussed)

Status: In order to keep the changes as small as possible I added closestCluster as a parameter to the track object which I set during the DUTAssociation. Currently, closestCluster is always the one closest in space (not in time). In DUTAnalysis I left the loop over all clusters untouched and just do a comparison of the current cluster to the closestCluster which I get from a given track. This is to be discussed since it appears to be more efficient to delete the loop over all clusters.

Edited by Katharina Dort

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