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EvLoEUDAQ2: create new StdEvent instead of recycling if decoding fails

Simon Spannagel requested to merge new_stdevt into master

We should create new StandardEvents after the decoding of one failed. Currently, we are re-using the event which might already contain some information set before the decoding process returned false.

Imagine a decoder:

bool MyStdEventConverter::Converting(eudaq::EventSPC d1, eudaq::StandardEventSP d2, eudaq::ConfigurationSPC conf) const {
  auto ev = std::dynamic_pointer_cast<const eudaq::RawEvent>(d1);

  // Set a tag
  d2->SetTag("soup", "magic");

  if(1) false;

This will first set a tag in the event object d2 and then return false. If we continue with

auto stevt = eudaq:StandardEvent::MakeShared();

do {
  bool failed = Convert(event, stdevt);
} while (failed)

The tag will persist. Thus, we need to delete the failed stdevt attempt and create a new one.

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