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Timing resolution

Morag Williams requested to merge williamm/corryvreckan:timing_resolution into master

The aim of this implementation is to be able to use the lowest timing cut value possible between two planes. Timing cuts in Clustering4D, Tracking4D, and DUTAssociation have been modified to use the new parameter in the detector geometry file of time_resolution. This is used in conjunction with the configurable parameter time_cut_factor in the listed modules.

For Clustering4D and DUTAssociation, association to an object at time X occurs if the time of the second object is within the time range X - (timing_resolution * time_cut_factor) to X + (timing_resolution * time_cut_factor) (exclusive). For Tracking4D, the timing cut radius used is the largest timing_resolution value between the reference detector and the current detector under consideration, again multiplied by the configurable parameter time_cut_factor. The EventLoaderEUDAQ2 module has also been adapted such that for devices where the plane time is 0, the pixels are assigned the central time of the EUDAQ event (i.e. halfway between EUDAQ2 event start and event end).

Summary of all changes:

  • detector function timingOffset()-> timeOffset()
  • internally in modules, timingCut -> timeCut
  • detector function getTimeResolution() added
  • detectors in geometry file are required to have the parameter time_resolution
  • modules Clustering4D and DUTAssociation can use either an absolute or relative time cut via time_cut_abs and time_cut_rel respectively
  • module TestAlgorithm can use absolute or relative time cuts when using do_time_cut via time_cut_abs and time_cut_rel respectively
  • module Tracking4D can use an absolute or relative time cut via time_cut_abs and time_cut_rel respectively, where in the case of a relative cut the largest of the time_resolution values of the reference and current detector is used
  • adapted configuration files for testing to take new scheme into account
  • all changes have been documented in the manual and README files, also DEBUG and TRACE output has been added

This closes #30 (closed)

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