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jobsub: improved auto-naming of config files

This closes #57 (closed).

Previously, each line of the csv file corresponded to one job. The problem was when analysing one run multiple times, one had to fill multiple lines in the csv file like this:

RunNumber, MyParameter
100, 10ns
100, 12ns
100, 14ns

which was translated into config files like


where _0 was just an iterative number (and more problematically was overridden when re-running only a subset of the above runs for example).

This MR introduces the following new/improved syntax for the csv file:

  • "{10,12-14}" translates to 10, 12, 13, 14 in consecutive jobs for the same run number
  • "{10ns, 20ns}" tranlates to 10ns, 20ns in consecutive jobs for the same run number
  • "string,with,comma" translates to string,with,comma
  • \ as escape character such that also " can be part of the string

and the config files are then named like this (in case of example 2):


However, the usage of a range or set of parameters via {} is only possible for on parameter in each run.

To Do:

  • run some more tests
  • update README on how to use it
Edited by Jens Kroeger

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