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WIP: General Broken Lines

Lennart Huth requested to merge lhuth/corryvreckan:gbltests into master

This is only a WIP MR adding a general broken line as an optional fit model. There is still a lot of work/clean up required - comments and suggestions are welcome.

New features:

  • General broken lines, ignoring rotations around x/y.
  • "track" class is used as a base class to derive new classes StraightLineTrack and a GBLTrack.
  • Build option BUILD_GBL to use corry on any system.

I am not really happy with the class names and open for suggestions. Currently, rotations are ignored.

There are still missing pieces (Feel free to add toDos here):

  • Test if the new StraightLine implementation provides the same results as the Standard track.
  • Improve naming
  • Implement an state() and direction() function for the GBL
  • Fix the CI problems
  • Provide a test data set
  • Rotations
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