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AnalysisEfficiency: added parameter require_associated_cluster_on

I wanted to add a parameter similar to require_detectors in the Tracking4D module, but this time in the AnalysisEfficiency. The motivation is to have an option to perform the same analysis of our test-beam data with Corryvreckan as it was done previously with TBmon2. Here require_detectors would contain a list of detectors for which it is required to have an associated cluster to the track.

Just for an example, we normally have two DUTs. For an efficiency measurement on DUT0 in Corryvreckan, I would include DUT1 in tracking and list it as require_detectors in the Tracking4D module. However, we would like to be able to perform track reconstruction using only telescope planes and select from them tracks for an efficiency measurement with an associated cluster on a required detector, even if that detector is not included in tracking. I did not find other way to do this in Corryvreckan up to now.

Maybe the name require_detectors should be changed.

Edited by Sejla Hadzic

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