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Module AlignmentTime

Finn Feindt requested to merge ffeindt/corryvreckan:module_AlignmentTime into master

Still a draft. See for more detailed module description. I would like to discuss if this module makes sense at all, and possible changes before I put more efforts in. Topics for discussion:

  • At the moment, the module uses pixel time stamps. So one needs to build events using the metronome, which can be a bit tricky, e.g. when time stamps are provided by an auxiliary detector.
  • The guessing of initial parameters for the search can be optimized, but I think in the end users will need to configure the search properly.
  • Should one do a coarse and a fine search automatically?
  • Should one automatically add the shift to the geometry file?
  • Add output plots for clock drifts?

This closes #93 (closed)

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