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AnalysisEfficiency: Added fake rate analysis and plots.

Finn Feindt requested to merge ffeindt/corryvreckan:f/fakeRate into master

The main idea is to look for clusters and hits that are far away from reconstructed tracks. Those are defined as fake, which neglects effects of tracking in-efficiency. There are two slightly different versions. The “radial” version considers DUT clusters without reconstructed track in a configurable radius around them as fake. The other looks for events without tracks intercepting the DUT and considers all DUT activity in these events as fake. The former method is intended for large DUTs, the latter for small ones. Both are briefly described in the README. I ran some tests on dSiPM data. Both methods give results that are compatible with expectations from DCR measurements at similar over-voltage and temperature, although the “radial” method yields systematically higher results. I would say some systematic studies are needed.

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