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AnalysisTiming: simply config and add track timestamp option

This improves the module in a couple of ways

  • Does not require to specify dut_associated_clusters anymore, it's now extracted automatically from the detector role.
  • The bulky reference_associated_clusters has been replaced with a much clearer reference_type option.
  • It is now possible to use the track timestamps as reference.
  • A fix which resulted in the track vector being copied every time the run function is called.
  • Instead of a boolean/enum being checked every time for how to obtain the timestamps, the module now uses function pointers.
  • A string copy from detector_->getName() is now avoided by storing a copy locally (should probably be fixed in the Detector class).
  • Removes the default reference to be the reference detector from the geometry since that information in inaccessible.

The old options can still be used, however a warning will be shown.

Edited by Stephan Lachnit

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