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Polar detector support

Radek Privara requested to merge rprivara/corryvreckan:polar_detectors_mr into master

This MR adds support for polar (radial) strip detectors by adding a PolarDetector class. Significant contributions by @mcaspar.

Other changes include:

  • AlignmentDUTResidual module: Added residual plots in polar coordinates (R, phi). When a polar detector is aligned, polar residuals are used for alignment instead of cartesian ones.
  • DUTAssociation module: For polar detectors, spatial cuts are evaluated in polar coordinates.
  • DUTAssociation module: New option elliptic_cut determines whether spatial cuts are evaluated as an ellipse or as a rectange. By default, the option is set to true to preserve the current behavior.

This work is a compilation of efforts done by many people over the years, including Jin Zhang, Jens Dopke, Jonas Steentoft, Callan Jessiman, Arturo Rodriguez, Geetika Jain, Max Caspar (apologies to any I have forgotten).

Edited by Radek Privara

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