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Allow Overwriting of Detector Parameters from Commandline

Simon Spannagel requested to merge rework_configuration into master

This MR updates the ConfigManager and ModuleManager and introduces a few structural changes on how configurations are handled. The main benefit from this is, that we can overwrite detector parameters such as rotation directly from the command line.

This means, for an angular scan, you don't have to produce 80 detector files, but a simple bash script is fine:

for angle in {0..79}; do
  corry -c configfile.conf -g mydut.orientation=0deg,${angle},0deg -o detectors_file_upd="mygeometry_${angle}deg.conf";

and it will automatically update the detector configuration accordingly. This works for all configuration keys, i.e. allows to on-the-fly assign the DUT role to different detectors or to change the pixel pitch (probably less useful...)

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