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Fixing pixel tolerance cut in hasIntercept function of detector class

Morag Williams requested to merge williamm/corryvreckan:master into master

The function "hasIntercept()" in Detector.cpp applied a pixel tolerance cut, which is an input parameter to the function. However, this cut was applied asymmetrically such that an extra row and column were excluded on one side compared to the other.

I have changed the cut formula so it is applied equally and applies the input value (rather than the input value minus half a pixel pitch as before). To account for this I adapted the inputted pixel tolerance values used in hasIntercept() in AnalysisDUT and AnalysisEfficiency, which are the only places I found that use this function. Note the getIntercept() function was not affected.

I also added an extra plot in AnalysisDUT showing the local position of associated tracks.

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